Core values
feidian chem
It is a silicon, titanium, zirconium, aluminum and other core elements, manufacturing and marketing of the corresponding monomer and polymer chemical additives. Based on improving the mechanical strength of the material, anti-corrosion waterproof, adhesion promotion and other properties, as well as improve the compatibility and dispersion of inorganic pigments and fillers. The boiling point of the product has been successfully applied to coatings, inks, adhesives, rubber tires, change of plastics, textile printing and dyeing, oil industry, casting, and other industrial products manufacturing industry near 80.
Marketing network
Application industry
Focus on improving the mechanical strength, anticorrosion and waterproof capability, cohesive force of materials as well as the compatibility and dispersibility of inorganic pigments etc.
Product category
With hundreds of established products, Feidian is aimed at providing services for thousands of client all over the world. Products include organic silicone, aluminum, zirconium etc.
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